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Bespoke Confetti
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In 2011 we visited the Limpopo region in South Africa, where we oversaw the picking and drying of fresh bougainvillea petal to add to our natural confetti petals. The petals are hand picked by the local vhenda tribe, who are paid the standard farm wage as set by the government. The petals dry to their original colours, and incredibly bright and vibrant. They are much larger than the larkspur and cornflower petal, but follow the same ethos, natural, undyed and environmentally friendly confetti. The petal is a three bracted flower head and suitable as throwing confetti, petal path, room and table decoration, but not suitable for use in confetti cones due to their large size.

The Bougainvillea petal is lesser known as "bunga kekwa" or "paper flower", because of the papery quality of the bracts. It is used in Hawaii to make traditional leis, the floral garlands used to celebrate happy occassions and to welome visitors.

The Bougainvillea's lighter-than-air petals will linger magically when thrown, creat stunning table and room decoration, and we feel they have earned their place alongside our home grown petal.