Petal Confetti for your Wedding

Petal Confetti for your Wedding

Wedding confetti is a tradition that most couples embrace. With many venues stipulating real petal confetti, the choice of natural confetti has never been greater. Our petal confetti is grown with all that nature provides, nothing added, and nothing taken away.

biodegradable confetti

Natural wedding confetti in soft pastels

Matching your wedding confetti can be quite time consuming, but the reality of flowers and flower petal confetti is that we can match most colours to your choice of wedding flowers.

wildflower confetti petals

natural wedding confetti in wildflower colours

We hope, here at Bespoke Confetti that you can find what you are looking for in a natural biodegradable petal confetti, but we are always here to help and advise.

Real Petal Confetti

Real Petal Confetti

Confetti petals for your wedding come in many styles, colours and shapes. At Bespoke Confetti we are fortunate to have supplied to some lovely weddings along the way, and over the course of the year we will feature some of the wedding confetti photos and wedding confetti blends along the way.

Wedding petal path

Real Petal Confetti as petal path

A few real flower petals scattered at the entrance before the bride arrives make such an impact – you can see it in the bride’s face, the delight of the day.

flower petal path

petal path at the lych gate awaiting the bride’s arrival

Real Petal Confetti making a petal path for the Bride & Groom

When the happy couple make their first walk as a married couple, what better way than to walk the path of real petals.

Married and on their way from the church

Married and on their way from the church

Natural Wedding Confetti

Natural wedding confetti farmers

Natural wedding confetti, often called real petal confetti, flower petal confetti, rose petal confetti, is widely available throughout the UK, and thank goodness. Not so long ago, the availability of biodegradable wedding confetti wasn’t quite so widespread. I am very passionate about the use of flower petal confetti as it allows me to indulge my passion for growing British Flowers for their petals whilst promoting the use of fresh British Flowers not only for weddings, but for all occassions.

confetti for weddings

Flowers and petal confetti are an integral part of any wedding, and photographs like this are to be treasured forever, capturing the essence of the individual, the freshness of the day and the occassion. My thanks to Rich from Clements Farm and to Becky for that wonderful day back in June, and here’s to another fabulous year full of ‘flowers & fotos’

bespoke confetti

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Bespoke Confetti grows English natural biodegradable real flower petal confetti in the lea of the Black down Hills. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty on the Devon and Somerset Border and falls within a conservation area. The biodegradable flower petal is grown to organic standard without the use of pesticide or other chemical. The petal is that of the delphinium and cornflower, it is grown by nature, picked by hand, and dried in the English sun.

   flower petal confetti

In a time when the tradition of confetti has fallen out of favour, we are proud to be able to produce beautiful natural biodegradable petal confetti that will return to nature as nature intended.  It is regarded as none littering and widely accepted by venues. We hope that the use of natural biodegradable petal helps keep the confetti tradition and enhance your special day.